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Just a few tips regarding how I care for and style our Virgin Remy Hair Extensions I hope you find them useful!


How To Revive Your Virgin Hair Extensions For A Second Weave Install!

If you are planning on using your Virgin Hair Extensions for a second install try giving them a good wash using a good shampoo such as Aussie Hair Cares shampoo or a Herbel Essences Hello Hydration shampoo, rinse the shampoo of your hair extensions using cold water then add a good deep conditioning treatment such as Aussie Hair Cares 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner or ORS Protein treatment. (protein treatments are especially good for hair extensions that have had hair dye or highlights applied) Once the hair is covered in the conditioner comb the hair through gently using a very wide tooth comb then leave the conditioner on the hair for at least 30 minutes and then rinse again for at least 30 minutes. Once this has been done leave the hair extensions to air dry naturally ( I tend to  turn my radiators off or down to a very low heat then put a towel over my radiator and place the hair over the towel to dry)

Suffering From A Weak Hair Line Or Traction Alopeicia?

If you have weak edges, but don't want to sacrifice wearing your hair extensions, try giving a glueless lace unit a try! Our lace units give the same effect as a full weave but are a lot less harsh on your hair line. They can be clipped in and out of your hair when ever you want which still allows you good access to your own hair on a daily basis. Allowing you to keep your natural hair and scalp in good health and give your hair a break!  Your hair will love you for it and our units are so natural looking  nobody will ever know you are wearing a unit!

Below is a pic of one our glueless lace units, we have many more available you can check the out here -


The Best Hair Products To Use On Our Brazilian Kinki Curly Remy Hair And Brazian Afro Curl Remy Hair

Hi Ladies I have had a few messages from clients asking me which products work well with our Brazilian Kinki Curly Hair Extensions / Lace Wigs, so I thought I would put together a list of the products I like to use on both the Kinki Curly and Afro Curl Hair.

To wash the hair I use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration shampo and conditioner for dry damaged hair. I love this product because its fantastic on the hair and very affordable. I tend to avoid using shampoo to often on this hair type as shampoo can be quite drying. So I usually co wash it using the conditioner once or twice a week, and only use the shampoo every 2 weeks.

To condition and style the hair I use Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner, its a little more expensive than other leave in conditioners, but it lasts me for ages! What I tend to do is get an empty spray bottle and poor a small amount of the mixed chicks leave in conditioner into the bottle, then I fill the rest with water. Because you only need a small amount of the mixed chicks leave in conditioner and the rest is water it can last you for months! 

If I am unable to get my hands on any mixed chicks leave in conditioner then I go for Cantu Shea Butters leave in conditioner, as this also works great on the Brazilian Kinki Curly and Afro hair! The Cantu shea butter is quite a bit heavier than the mixed chicks so i only use a small amount of this on the ends so that it doesn't overload the hair. 

I hope the above proves useful to all our lovely clients who are wearing our Brazilian Kinki Curly or Afro Curl Hair extensions. I have included some images below of the products I use so that those who want to buy them have a clear idea of what they are looking for (o:








Try To Keep Your Braids & Weaves Moist

Try to apply moisture to your braids every day and weekly for your hair under your weave using a good leave in conditioner or moisturizer in a spray bottle. Spritz hair regularly. You can condition your scalp and prevent itching by using lightweight, natural oils such as jojoba and sweet almond oil. Keep your scalp bacteria free and fresh by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to carrier oils. You can dab this on your scalp using cotton wool buds between braids or hair wefts.




How To Wash Your Scalp When Wearing Weaves Or Briads

Many people feel they don't need to wash there scalp when in a weave. This is not the case! I find the best way to do this is by splitting my hair into four sections, then using a spray bottle with diluted shampoo and conditioner to avoid build up spray each section then using your fingers to massage I massage between the tracks, then rinse out, I then sit under a dryer ensuing the tracks are completely dry. Below is a pic of my Brazilian Kinki Curly Remy hair once washed and air dryed ready for an evening with the girls

Dont Forget To Condition Your Hair Before Installing Your Weave Or Braids.

Condition Condition Condition!!! It's important that prior to installing you weave you give your hair a good condition adding plenty of moisture, a deep conditioner is recommend is the organic root simulator replenishing pack, this can be purchased from most beauty stores including Boots.


How I Care For My Virgin Brazilian Wavy Remy Hair Extensions

Below is my daily routine when wearing my Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair Extensions.

At bed time, I brush my hair extensions using my tangle teezer brush, spray a little Aussie Hair Care Leave in Conditioner on it, and then braid the hair into two long braids. In the morning I just undo the braids and if I want it to have a tight beach wave look I will finger comb the hair and go, if I want a bigger wave I will use my tangle teezer brush or wide tooth comb and brush the hair. Which ever method I use I always add a little hair gloss to keep the hair soft, (I usually use the Kera Care gloss) I don't believe in going over the top with products as I think they can sometimes spoil the natural texture of the hair extensions. I like to protect my leave out so rather than messing around with it and trying to blend my leave out I just pin it up for work, the school run and stuff, and then leave it down and make more effort to style it at the weekends.

If I have a BIG night out then I will get the blow dryer, and straighteners or curling wand out to glam things up!!! (I try to avoid heat on my hair so I usually only use it once per week at the very most!) I will do a post on this over the future months and try to post some pics too! I only wash my hair extensions once or twice per week and I will go through my routine for this and the products I use in a later post. I hope you guys found the above useful! Feel free to post your own daily routines and recommended products, we would love to know what works for you!

The Best Hair Brush Ever! For Both Your Own Hair and Your Virgin Remy Hair Extensions!

Hey VHC Ladies its Kerryleigh here, I would like to recommend a fabulous hair brush called the tangle teezer!!!! Its been designed with hair extensions in mind and it is fabulous!!!! I highly recommend it for use on our Virgin Indian wavy remy hair, virgin Brazilian wavy remy hair, virgin Indian straight remy hair and virgin Brazilian straight remy hair. Its also great on mine and both of my daughters natural hair.

I purchased mine from Boots it cost me £10 and I cant recommend it enough!



Recommended Products for use on our Brazilian Kinky Curly Remy Hair - And Styling Tips.

Co wash product - herbal essence hello hydration conditioner

Shampoo - herbal essence hello hydration 

Deep conditioner - ORS hair mayonnaise

Leave-in conditioner - Cantu Shea leave in moisturiser

For definition of the curls for a spiraled ringlet look, always use a denman brush. Always comb and brush when wet and with product in the hair. Never comb dry. 




Our Virgin Brazilian Curly Remy Hair 

If you like to wear your hair in tighter curls you can dampen the Brazilian Curly hair with water and a little leave in conditioner and scrunch, then blow dry or let the hair air dry (air drying is much better for the hair) if you choose to blow dry use a little heat protector. This tip will really bring out the curls in our Brazilian Remy Curly Hair.


The Best Hair Products To Use On Our Virgin Indian Remy and Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

I currently wear our Virgin Indian Remy Wavy Hair and my number 1 recommended product to use on this hair is AUSSIE HAIR CARES LEAVE IN CONDITIONER! I use a small amount daily as it smells beautiful and leaves her ends beautifully soft!

I advise that you NOT to over use products as the Virgin Remy Hair from The Virgin Hair Company is such good quality a little goes a long way!!!! Going over the top with products will spoil the natural effect of the Virgin Remy Hair so my advice would be to use products sparingly. 



How To Blend our Virgin Indian Curly Remy Hair and  Virgin Brazilian Curly Remy Hair and Kinki Curly Hair without the use of heat!


Start by dampening your leave out (your own hair) with water, add some leave in conditioner and then braid on your own hair, (at this point leave the hair extensions alone)

Leave the braids in for at least 2 hours (or however long it takes for your hair to dry) and then remove the braids, give the hair a very gentle finger comb in order to separate the curls you have created by braiding the hair.

Then add a tiny little bit of leave in conditioner such as cantus shea butter leave in conditioner and you should be left with a curl pattern that blends well with both our Brazilian Kinki Curly Remy Hair and Afro Curl Remy Hair.

For the Virgin Indian and Brazilian curly remy hair you can follow the exact same process, but do a two strand twist rather than a braid so that a looser curl pattern which will blend perfectly with both our Indian and Brazilian curly hair. You can also use rollers to create a loose curl on your leave out.


Blending Our Virgin Indian & Brazilian Curly/Deep Wave Hair Extensions With Relaxed Hair Invest in a Babyliss Tripple Barrel curling tongue it produces fantastic deep waves that blend beautifully with our Virgin Brazilian Curly/Deep Wave Hair Extensions they are available from Amazon as shown on the link above, I cant recommend them enough they are quick and easy to use!